Tammy Brady

Tammy Brady, owner and founder of A Wrinkle In Time Inc. Tammy had been a Registered Nurse for 22 years who has lived and worked in the town of Orangeville for 19 years. Tammy has had the pleasure to work in the multi organ transplant unit, plastic surgery unit, home care unit, mental health unit, pediatric unit, and medical & surgical care unit.

Tammy took her experience and translated it into a passion of hers; Cosmetic Medicine. Tammy was trained as an advanced nurse injector for administering Neuromodulators (Botox) and Hyaluronic acid injections(Dermal fillers). During her training days, she met Dr. Melanie Hall, which instantly began the journey of A Wrinkle in Time.

Together we invite and welcome anyone who is looking to enhance their natural beauty, perhaps by slowing down or erasing the effects of time or filling spaces of our younger years. We promise to work with you and take the time to listen to your wants and goals to develop your own unique secret fountain of youth. Our goal is to help clients create an aesthetic plan that will produce an outer appearance, which compliments how they feel on the inside. It is an exciting time to have the skills and products to treat ourselves so we feel good and look our best. A Wrinkle in Time, just not now.