15 Minutes $50

VascuLyse® is a safe and non-invasive solution that aims to remove minor skin conditions like broken capillaries, ruby points, milia, and skin tags on the face, neck, and chest, in a super easy way.

A VascuLyse® treatment involves a machine that conducts a non-invasive electrical current to the treated area to remove the undesired condition by stopping blood supply to the site. With no blood flow, the admissible parts will detach from the body and a new healthy skin is encouraged to grow. VascuLyse® has very few potential side effects with negligible probability; it is also sterile and quick. Final results are usually achieved as quickly as 3 days to 7 days, where recovery occurs quicker when treatment is done on the face. Most common conditions such as cholesterol deposits, broken capillaries, skin tags, and milia could usually be treated within one visit effectively. The treatment itself is very quick and can be done within a half hour (consultation and treatment) with minimum pain, although some patients might also opt in on getting numbing cream before the procedure.

VascuLyse® is a cost-effective alternative for unsightly skin conditions that would otherwise need to be treated by expensive visit to dermatologist. Using a thermocoagulation?system where blood is solidified in vessels and treated vessels are immediately replaced with scar tissue, it is a suitable treatment for all skin types for both women and men of any ages. Furthermore, since the treatment only works on the upper most layers of skin, there will be no visible scarring.  Overall, VascuLyse® is a great treatment that has been carefully researched and practiced by certified skin care experts.