Paramedical Tattoo

Paramedical Tattoos are becoming more popular as many people rely on micropigmentation to regain or improve their self-confidence.

This procedure provides a safe, non-invasive successful way to camouflage the appearance of irregular, discoloured or damaged tissue. Every client will receive a treatment that is completely unique and customized to their needs in order to give them the confidence and comfort they deserve.

The technique restores colour and symmetry to an affected area(s). Unlike traditional tattoos, paramedical tattooing is meant to blend in and avoid drawing attention. Special pigments designed around a patient’s skin tone are used to camouflage a wide range of conditions.

Treatment areas:

  • Camouflage for burn scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Hypo pigmented scars
  • Birthmarks, stretch marks
  • Post-mastectomy or top surgery patients to create or redesign the shape of the areola

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