Full Body Wellness, Inside and Out: IV Vitamin Infusions

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It’s undeniable, 2020 was a long year filled with a series of ups and downs, highs and lows, for all of us. With all of the uncertainty that this past year has brought – and the questions that the upcoming year still needs to answer – it is no surprise that, for many of us, our stress levels have been higher than ever. When there is so much on our plate to take care of, most of us don’t have time to make our health be one of our main priorities. No matter how much we try, if we aren’t obviously ill, it often falls under the umbrella of “I can deal with it later”.

However, now is exactly the time to stop putting yourself second, and this is exactly where A Wrinkle In Time, Dufferin county’s leading medical esthetics clinic, located on Mill street in downtown Orangeville, comes in.

The term “esthetics” might lead one to think of our outer wellness, and as we’ve reported in the past, while this is certainly something that A Wrinkle In Time continues to focus on, they also want to devote some of their time and expertise to provide a service that helps their client’s inner wellness as well. This is exactly what their partnership with Farsk, the company that provides the premix, has allowed them to do through IV Vitamin Infusions.

IV Infusion Treatment has gained popularity over the past few years. It has become more mainstream as people have begun to overlook the intimidating experience of getting a needle and make it a part of their wellness regimen. It’s important to focus on your inner health as by doing so it will radiate to your exterior and improve your overall health.

So, now’s about the time when you’re probably asking what can IV Infusion treatments do for me?

IV Infusion treatments provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it requires by injecting the solution directly into the blood stream. This facilitates a very high absorption rate and because it is fast-acting, it delivers efficient results immediately after finishing the treatment. Vitamins through IV can be absorbed up to 90 percent, where as vitamins that are taken orally get broken down in the stomach and digestive tract and are only absorbed 50 percent or less.

Don’t be fooled though. This is a medical treatment and should be administered by a team of medical professionals, such as the team at A Wrinkle In Time, who always begin every treatment with a consultation, at which they can answer all of your key questions such as:

• Is it pharmaceutical grade? (Yes).
• Is it administered by a licensed medical professional? (Yes).
• Is it safely stored and administered under pharmaceutical standards? (Also, yes.)

Some ailments which can be improved with IV Vitamin Therapy include: migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain, allergies, and sinus and respiratory tract infections. Many people are also using IV vitamin therapy for quick rehydration after an intense sporting event, such as running a marathon. IV Infusion can also complement treatment programs clients are using to enhance their skincare and hair restoration. It is a great supplement to improving one’s overall health, though you always consult your doctor about the best means to deal with genuine medical concerns.

That being said, if you are someone who frequently visits a naturopath, this treatment might be something that you have already heard of, or if not, you may want to bring it up with them. The team at A Wrinkle In Time is eager to continue to create and improve their connection with naturopaths in the region.

If you do not have a naturopath to discuss with, and any of this has interested you, perhaps made you feel as if there were a light at the end of the tunnel of a long year, then do not hesitate to give the team at A Wrinkle In Time a call. They are happy to take your call, book a virtual or phone consultation and keep the conversation going.

No matter what is going on in the world, it is important to take the time and make sure that your health comes first. It’s possible that IV Vitamin Infusions could be exactly the boost that you need to get yourself feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever life has to throw at you.

Written by Jillian Kent for LivingSpaces & Lifestyles Magazine, Spring 2021 issue