Mini Facial


This facial provides a unique deep-cleansing treatment.  Your skin feels oxygenated and energized.  A great introductory facial to determine skin types and conditions.  Bring your present skincare in to see if you are using the right products!

Intensive Rebalancing Treatments

$90 +

Our Intensive Rebalancing facials are tailored to treat skin concerns such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, skin sensitivity, and fine lines. You’ll enjoy a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions (if needed, more time will be added to the treatment at a minimal cost for acne concerns).

Calm Intensive

Calm Intensive is a re-balancing soothing treatment that helps to correct hyper reactive skin. Skin is immediately relieved, and better protected to fight against external factors that cause inflammation and redness in the skin

Pure Intensive

Pure Intensive is a re-balancing purifying treatment. Skin is visibly clearer, with a refined texture. Pores are tightened and the complexion is bright and polished minimizing imperfections.

Aqua Intensive

Aqua Intensive is a re-balancing treatment that promotes the retention of the skin?s natural hydration. Skin is supple, glowing and comfortable. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and softened.



This treatment has a “natural face lift effect” as it acts on the muscles, micro-circulation and skin tissues to enhance the facial contours. Skin is firmer with better tone allowing the skin to regain its natural plump and supple appearance (No extractions)

Excellage Facial


This luxurious facial is for women ages 45 and up. It helps with deep wrinkles, loss of density and firmness.  It is a regenerating, ultra comforting, re-balancing treatment that restores firmness.  Skin feels plumped and regains its comfort and radiance (No extractions)

Absolute Brightening Treatment


This ultimate facial is for someone in need of bright and glowing skin. ?Regulates skin pigmentation and treats signs of aging.  Aids in correction of dark spots and slows production of melanin in the skin (No extractions)