enVy® Pillows

Are you sleeping with the best?

Experience the enVy® Pillow difference with our patented OFF-YOUR-FACE therapeutic design. enVy® anti-aging and anti-wrinkle pillows use the unforgettable, Best-in-Class, Canadian-made memory foam to make sure you get the sleep you always dreamed of!

Discover the only therapeutic, beauty sleep pillows with:

  • COPPER Infused Technology powered by CuTEC offers the Cleanest Sleep with a Germ Kill of 99.99999999%
  • Unmatched Optimal Neck & Spinal Support + TMJ Support
  • Patented ‘Wrinkle Prevention’ Design for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Oeko-Tex® Certified fabrics are Free of Harmful Substances

Improve your beauty rest with Canadian-made enVy, the best anti-wrinkle pillow on the market!

enVy Masks

Our Canadian-Made enVy® COPPER infused face mask utilize next generation COPPER technology by NatuVerex® which has powerful anti-microbial properties as tested using the standard AATCC-100 tested at 99.9% even AFTER 25 home washings and also meets Breathability testing (Delta P test) in compliance with EN 14683 and ASTM F2100-19.

Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

✓ 50%?kill on contact ✓85%?kill within 1 hour ✓99.9%?kill in 24 hours

We offer 100% Copper Coverage on all the natural fabric layers and surfaces of our anti-microbial mask (non-medical cloth mask). We do not use nylon or neoprene. This cutting-edge technique adheres the COPPER ions to the fabric with excellent stability and durability, complete coverage leaving no gaps or areas untreated with Copper. This also allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their germ-killing job!

enVy® Silk Sleep Mask

The Epic enVy COPPER® Powered SILK Sleep Mask


Empower your beauty sleep with the healing powers of COPPER Technology and the soothing benefits of 100% Pure Mulberry SILK. The design of this premium Silk sleep mask to deliver your optimal power sleep with complete black out, maximum COPPER coverage and zero eye pressure with our unique ergonomic eye relief pockets.


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